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Putting Tips from Golf Digest’s Dave Stockton

Putting Tips

The executive vice president of H.J. Kalikow & Company for 32 years, Richard Nasti formerly served as chief counsel and campaign director for the United States Senator Alfonse D’Amato. Outside of the professional arena, Richard Nasti is an avid golfer.

Golf Digest contributor Dave Stockton developed a highly natural approach to putting and passed several putting tips to readers of the magazine. According to Stockton, first and foremost, putters should remember their nondominant hand during their putting stroke. To ensure that they are using both hands to direct and propel the ball, putters may want to practice putting using only the nondominant hand.

Rather than thinking about hitting the ball, putters achieve far better distance control by attempting to “roll’ it. The key to this rolling motion is to keep the putter head close to the ground while propelling it well past the point of impact with the ball.

Putters should also avoid focusing on the ball too much while addressing it. By looking at a spot along the target line just in front of the ball, putters can produce a smooth putt that follows their chosen path to the hole.

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